“Nature, naturalness; your own personality”

“Human, as a part of the nature is a natural creature and is the most privileged of the created ones.”

Faithfulness and honesty exist in the natural structure of the human. Human; from the words they say to their behavior, from the food they buy to their clothes, their states and movements should be natural. As much as they live naturally inside the nature, they belong to; human will find him/her self, his/her creator and will find peace.

Yeşil Orman Landscaping, with its professional team, is improving itself with the quality apprehension and the feeling of trust offered to its clients. The headquarters of our company is in Kemerburgaz / Eyüp at there we services such as plantation; landscaping projecting and landscaping application are offered. Yeşil Orman Landscaping; together with customer satisfaction is creating livable and sustainable landscaping areas with the philosophy of “Nature, naturalness, your own personality”. In this context, human is a part of the nature and as much as we can integrate our living areas with nature, the human will more easier will reach their own personality and find peace.

Our company, which serves on all areas of landscaping architecture, performs its customer satisfaction and reliable business according to professional ethics.


Project Implementation

Grass laying
Substructure Systems (Drainage, Irrigation, Soil, etc…)
Firm Ground Applications
Swimming pool, Puddle and Decorative Pool implementations
Wood works such as bower and pergola
Garden ornaments and furniture, kid’s playground materials
Construction of vertical garden
Construction of Garden Wall

Landscaping Projecting

Hotel and Holiday Village Gardens
Complex Gardens
Villa Gardens
Park, Junction and Median Projects
Botanical Projects
Structural Projects
Drainage and Irrigation Projects
Detail Projects
2D and 3D Projecting


Sales of Plants
Nursing of Plants
Sales of Soil
Variation of Flower Pots
Plants Importation and Exportation


80 % of the tree, bushes and ground covering materials that we have in our plantation come from Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy, and their nursery are provided by our professional team.


Resort Otel – Gökçe Ada

Mithatpaşa Mahallesi Selanik bulvarı No.141 Kemerburgaz, Eyüp/İstanbul
Telefon: (0212) 360 35 33 Mobil: (0530) 614 09 60 E-mail: bilgi@yesilorman.com